Last night I read a post from Donna, a fellow member of a widow/widower Facebook Group that I am a part of. She shared a simple story of something that her husband did for her, right before he passed away. This story really touched my heart. Pictured is the note, and here is her post: Over the […]

March 19th, 2014. Michelle had just finished her fifth and final round of chemotherapy a few days prior. A scan had been done after her third round of chemotherapy about six weeks prior and the spots that were seen on the October PET scan appeared larger. Our doctor told us that if the chemotherapy was going to work […]

You're My Love and Joy

The day we sat my step daughter down and told her that Michelle’s cancer had come back and what that meant was an extremely emotional day, as you can imagine. After we told her and we talked, and we cried, she said she had to go upstairs. She went upstairs to write Michelle and I a letter. […]

For the first two nights after Michelle passed away my step daughter and I slept by my sister’s house. I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I had no idea how I would react. Plus, we both needed the support, especially her. Finally, the time came to head home. We walked into the house and I was ok. […]


      In this post I want to talk about Michelle’s last day with us.  As so with so many things, like the wake and funeral, the best way that I could describe it, is that it was tragically beautiful. There is something called terminal agitation. It is most common in young mothers. Michelle […]