John Polo is a widower, step-dad, author, blogger, speaker and life coach.

John met the love of his life, Michelle, at a young age and the two dated for a year in high school.

8 years later, they reunited and planned to spend the rest of their lives together.

Just as their plan for 50 beautiful years together began to take shape, Michelle was diagnosed with one of the rarest and most aggressive cancers known to man.

On January 22, 2016, surrounded by family and friends, Michelle took her last breath at the age of 30.

Through all of the tragedy and devastation that occurred, somehow, John was able to find a better version of himself.

As he picked up the pieces of his broken heart and devastated soul, something amazing happened.

John discovered a deep passion for writing and speaking about love, loss, grief, healing and an undying hope for a better tomorrow.

John’s goal is to help others both honor their pain and see that a hopeful tomorrow can indeed exist.

John is the author of ‘Widowed. Rants, Raves and Randoms’, and has co-authored a journal entitled ‘Hurt to Healing: The Journal from Life to the Afterlife’.

You can follow John on his blog at www.betternotbitterwidower.com.

You can also find him on Facebook and other social media sites by searching “Better Not Bitter Widower.”