“I just love you, John Polo. You put the terrible, awful, and soul-breaking pain into words. Then you end by giving us a vision of hope to grasp onto.”
- Julie
“A month after I unexpectedly lost my boyfriend David I was laying on my bathroom floor, sick with shock and grief, throwing up, devastated, clutching one of David’s sweatshirts that I took out of the laundry hamper because it smelled like him. It was a usual night for me around that time. But that night I came across John’s blog. I sent John a message, and he responded. I felt relief and comfort for the first time because I realized there was someone else out there who knew my pain.”
- Caresse
“Honestly, your writing, your love and passion for Michelle and your determination to LIVE inspire the F*** out of me!”
- Mary
“This is why you are the man. You courageously allow your emotions to flow, and you’re not afraid of judgment. You spill your guts. You are open. By being so open, you allow the rest of us who are suffering to realize that it is ok to be sad. You also allow us to see that it is ok to be happy. I am not there yet, but I am working on it!”
- Kim
“Seriously, that post changed my life. It has given me the courage to not care about the judgement of others anymore. It is everything I have wanted to say since I watched my husband die. You gave me the validation to know that I was not wrong.”
- Lisa
“It is a joy to read your work. Your writing is beautiful, honest and I love the humor that you sometimes add to it. You are a ray of light on my not so good days.”
“I really felt like a small weight lifted from my heart yesterday.”
- Keisha
“You helped me before you even started on this journey. You were in hospice with Michelle. We were a few months away from that. Watching you, and reading your words, gave me strength beyond belief.”
- Megan
“You are a gift to this community.”
- Maryellen
“John you are a natural. You have helped more people than you will ever know. This is your destiny. One that I know you did not want (like me), but one that you are on. I know our wives are cheering us both on.”
- Tim
“Thank you for showing how to not hide my grief. I will always say his name.”
- Cindy
“Your words are so strong, they reach my soul. It is because of your words that I now care less about what others think of me as I move forward.”
- Dinia
“You are such a lifeline for so many of us.”
- Linda
“You have given me the words and the courage to explain my own feelings in a way I did not know how to.”
- Jackie
“Your words are on the pulse of all of our immense grief. So touching, raw and real. Bravo.”
- Sandra
“Your ability to write what we all feel is simply amazing. Thank you for being our voice.”
- Jenny
“You are like the fist of widowhood.”
- Megan
“You are an inspiration. I am so glad I attended your workshop at Camp Widow. Keep on signing your song, speaking the truth and voicing your opinion loud and clear. You put into words everything we want to say but cannot. You are our voice.”
- Amanda
“You’ve made me cry, you’ve made me laugh. Your way with words is masterful and healing.”
- Kathy