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12 Days Without Him

Last night I read a post from Donna, a fellow member of a widow/widower Facebook Group that I am a part of.

She shared a simple story of something that her husband did for her, right before he passed away.

This story really touched my heart.

Pictured is the note, and here is her post:

Over the 30 years we were married Scott would always leave me little notes. I would leave for work at 4:30am and there would be one on the steering wheel. Little things like that.
Today I was shopping with my two daughters and went to put something in the console of the car and found this. It was not there two or three days before he died, as I had gotten something out of it. He must have snuck it in there on the way to the hospital the last time. I thought he would be coming home with me, he knew different. I swear I almost couldn’t keep it together. If the girls hadn’t have been with me I’m not sure how I would have handled it.
Thank God the oldest one was driving.
12 days without him and he still tells me he loves me.


4 thoughts on “12 Days Without Him

    1. Doris, I agree with you 100%. My husband and I were married 46 years. He went to work 1 night before he died. When he got home the following morning he said he didn’t feel well, had felt off at work, cold sweats, light headed but it had passed. He wasn’t able to sleep, then told me his chest felt a “little” tight. I told him he may have had a heart attack. 12 hours later I was able to convince him we should go to the ER. He passed away 4 hours later enroute to a different hospital by ambulance from cardiac arrest.He was to have emergency quadruple bypass. I wasn’t aware he had died as I was driving to the hospital where he was to have surgery when he passed. I arrived there only to be told he had died. I said my good byes to his lifeless body. My heart died when his stopped beating.

    1. My husband died five months ago while working in the airport. He had a heart attack. He was 41 years old. We also left some little notes to each other. I found one in a wallet i did not use anymore that reads “When you feel alone, think about me. I love you so much”. I Have It on my night table. My heart also died When his stopped beating.

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