Grief in General

It’s Worth the Pain

I dream about you, from time to time. 

You are so real. 

Just as beautiful as ever.

You shine.

The truth is though, it hurts so much.

When I wake up and you are not there.

My mind reels.

My soul feels bare.

My heart is confused, as to how it feels.

About these dreams.

The pain – overwhelming any sense of joy, it seems.

I thought about it all day.

I decided I wanted it to stop.

The pain was too great.

Losing you.  A cruel fate.

Then it hit me.  Out of the blue.

I love these dreams.

I get to see you.

We’ve been through so much together.

The ups. The downs.

The cancer.

The love.  The laughs.  The tears.

That unworn wedding gown.

The pain of waking up, to the reality of life.

I have decided it is worth it.

To have just a few more seconds.

With you as my wife.

© Copyright 2017 John Polo

2 thoughts on “It’s Worth the Pain

  1. Not only in dreams, but every once in a while, out of the corner of my eye, my wife is setting next to me.

    But when I turn my head to look at her, she’s gone. She went to the other side eight months ago.

    I will forever love her.

  2. I just cannot adequately express how I felt when I read your beautiful words about Michelle. Here I am, not faced with anything as terrible as what you had to endure, and your words made me realize-forced me to realize-that no, I haven’t looked down upon the “abyss of despair” as you. I have had many sunny days and your words made me truly realize the gift of good health, and honorable love, and everything else that I take for granted. Best wishes, Linda

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