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She Loves Me Too!

Michelle and I would always say I was the girl in the relationship and she was the guy.  One of our many running jokes. We loved to make fun out of each other and ourselves. There were many reasons we would say this, one being that I always express myself and am pretty emotional, while she on the other hand would keep everything in.

The morning of July 4, 2015 she was in the bathroom a long time.  Well over an hour. I was worried about her. I kept knocking, asking if she was OK. She would say yes. I would ask her if her stomach hurt, or if she was throwing up, etc. She would say no. I would ask her if she was painting her nails or doing some other type of grooming. She would say no.

Finally she came out. I could see that she was acting weird. I asked her what was going on. She told me to look at Facebook.

I did.

She had been writing the sweetest, most loving post about me.

I cherish these words, and I always will.

They mean the world to me.


Here is her post:

My husband is the most amazing caring person I know. He always puts our daughter and I first no matter what. John and I were not married when I got sick. I know that’s hard to believe! Because, what kind of man would stay. He married me when I was at my worst. We got married at a court house. I was so sick that I was wearing the same clothes that I had on from 3 days ago. I was constantly running to the bath room because I couldn’t keep anything down from the pain. That night I ended up is the hospital. I was so sick I couldn’t even walk. After my surgery I had a 22 day stay at the hospital. John never left my side once. For those 22 days he slept on hard chair. Even though the hospital told him that they could roll in a bed. He didn’t want one, he was too scared that he was going to fall asleep and miss something. Even after that he could have said I’m sorry but I can’t take this. He stayed and went to every doctors appointment, chemo round, and radiation treatment! He also left his job to by my care giver. For a good year it felt like we lived at the hospital. One appointment would turn into an 8 day stay. I slept the whole time. He became both mommy and daddy, after that I stayed clean for a long time considering the beast that was in my body. Unfortunately, I did get sick again and my doctors told me that I might only have 2 months to 3 years at most. I mean can you imagine hearing that? A lot of doctor’s won’t even touch me! They think I am too far gone to do anything. John wouldn’t take that! He’s the one that fought for my surgery! He searched the internet day and night to try and find something that might save me. Those meds cost us a lot of money that we don’t have. To be honest my meds cost double the mortgage payment. Somehow John makes it work. John is stressed but for a good reason. He works a full time job, he looks up ways to save my life, he fights with doctors to try and save me, because he won’t give up on me, he is mommy and daddy, he takes his step daughter to all of her doctor appointments and has never missed a teacher conference, or sports activity. Johns scared he’s going to lose both of us. Now we have to go to court to fight for John to see her if I don’t make it. Maybe give him a break. John Polo you are the real superman! I love you so much.

2 thoughts on “She Loves Me Too!

  1. What a touching love story. It’s not the quantity of years but definitely the quality. I can tell from this post and your others how very much you love each other. True love never stops. Prayers that you and Emma feel Michelle love every single day.

  2. John, this is such an amazing tribute to you from your wife. You are a superhero before, during and after! Thanks for sharing your love to us as a better not bitter widower! Like the song says by The Script says “that’s how a superhero learns to fly – every day – every hour turns your pain into power ! “

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