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I’d Do Anything to Make Her Smile

There are so many words and phrases that one could use to describe Michelle.

Beautiful. Sweet. Kind. Generous. Ditzy. Smart. Awesome. Cute. Crafty. Loving.

An incredible wife and the best mommy in the world.

She was also hilarious. Really funny. Without trying to be. She would just naturally make you laugh. Her smile and her personality were contagious.

So, while this blog is here to help people through their grief, it’s also here to help preserve her memory, and to tell our story. Despite all the tragedies she faced in her life and despite the hell on Earth last two and a half years that we faced together as she fought cancer, we still had fun together. We would laugh together. All of the time.

Here is a short email chain between Michelle and I a couple of months after we started dating again as adults. We were in love and had fifty years in front of us.

I miss those days so much.


the reasons why i love michelle blair…….

  1. shes freakin hilarious
  2. she SOOO beautiful
  3. shes freakin sexy
  4. shes caring
  5. shes a ditz
  6. she smells
  7. she has an AWESOME daughter
  8. she makes me happy
  9. she smells
  10. shes cute
  11. shes a dork-LIKE ME!
  12. shes so pretty
  13. she likes me for my dorkyness
  14. she gets my weirdness-or at least accepts it!
  15. driving in the car with her is like a roller coaster ride–fun! fun! fun!
  16. shes the girl of my dreams. always has been and always will be. my love for her is always and forever!


LOL wow. You are the biggest dork. I love you too!!!!




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