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Sam and Cecilia

Cecilia is a new friend that I met on a widow/widower support group on Facebook.  Her husband Sam passed away around the same time as Michelle. Sam passed of a heart condition. Much like Michelle and I they were married a very short time in calendar years, but in meaning and purpose they shared a lifetime together.


Here is what Cecilia wrote recently on her Facebook Page:

All of the monthly anniversaries that have come and gone since Sam passed have made me incredibly sad. How could they not? We were given less than 5 months of marriage. We were robbed of experiences married couples typically get to have. Grief is a funny and unpredictable thing, though. Today, on what would be our 9-month wedding anniversary, I’m smiling because I’m grateful for the months we did have as a married couple, and the years before that. I’m blessed that I know that marriage isn’t all fun and games. It’s filled with unconditional and selfless love. It involves taking care of your spouse in ways you never imagine you would have to. It includes making decisions you never think you would have to make. It becomes watching your spouse’s physical, mental, and emotional health deteriorate daily and realizing what’s ahead, but never letting him see your fear. It’s dirty and hard work, but it’s one of the most honorable jobs. I miss this man every single day and always will but, at least for today, I’m going to smile and remember the memories we shared and the adventures we took together. I’m going to feel incredibly thankful that I was chosen to be a part of his journey. I’m going to feel lucky that I experienced a kind of love that not many get to have. I’m going to feel humbled that he held on long enough for me to arrive before he left and that I could make him feel comfortable enough to let go. I was that for someone. How amazing is that? How can I not smile? 💙

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  1. I lost my wife 16 months ago after a long battle with cancer. We were high school sweethearts, married 31 years with three children. It was really tough watching her struggle through the treatments. The cancer had spread throughout her body, so the treatments were non stop. When one stopped working, another was quickly chosen and another and another. Then one day, her body stopped responding to the treatments. I didn’t want her in a hospital or hospice, so I brought her home. She was surrounded by the love of her family, who took care of her until her final day.

    Reading your blog, I admire your strength and attitude and love your outlook. Its not easy taking care of the one you love during their final days. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    God Bless you Cecilia…I will be praying for you.

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