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Love Is…..

Here is a post from the Better Not Bitter Widower Facebook page.  Some of the comments are incredibly inspiring.

Finish this sentence based on your own personal experience with someone you’ve loved and lost.

Love is…..

I’ll start.

Love is not wanting to leave the hospice room after your wife passed away but having no choice because it was time to go now. Love is telling her over and over again that you had to leave, but not being able to actually walk away because you had never left her before. Love is feeling that intense pain inside your heart and inside your soul as you spoke those words to her. Love is saying I’m sorry over and over again as you start to get ready to walk out of the room. Love is picking up the pieces of your shattered heart and living in her honor and in her memory every single day. And lastly, Love is being able to look back at that time now and feeling proud and grateful that you were the one who got to be there for her during the horrific cancer battle and everything that came out of it.

Yea, that’s Love.

2 thoughts on “Love Is…..

  1. Love is being there for my family. Love is being a mom, wife, employee, and caretaker all at the same time. Love is numerous phone calls and emails to many nurses and Drs advocating for my patient. Love is sacrifice in time, money, energy, commuting 4 hours for care. Love is setting alarms for the middle of the night as reminders for medications, love is fighting with pharmacies for drugs which must be taken for loved ones to stay alive, love is holding back tears and being strong even when it is hard, love is wiping and cleaning up bodily fluids over and over, love is lifting, pushing, feeding your patient when they are to weak to do these task themselves. Love is never giving up and fighting until the very end.

  2. I lost my husband of almost 26 years unexpectedly and never got to say good bye.
    Love is knowing my love story will never end
    Love is knowing I’m someones forever love
    Love is knowing that vow to death do you part applies to you, and you continue to live laugh and love because of this knowledge
    Love is knowing despite the pain and heartache of grief, you are blessed to know true love and would do it all over again

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