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She’s My Wife

On this day.

Four years ago.

We became man and wife.

I’ve cried hard many a days.


One of the most tearful of my life.

You were so sick.

The pain extreme.

You couldn’t stop throwing up.

A true nightmare.

No fairytale. Or dream.

You were in the same clothes.

From three days before.

The experience of our union should have been beautiful.


More like a horror.

The happy couples.

Laughing. Smiling.

All around.

I teared up silently.

And hid my eyes.

I refused to let my sorrow be heard with a sound.

They finally called our name.

We headed to the back.

Most couples smile and hold hands.

I held you up.

So your fragile body wouldn’t fall to the ground.

The officiant was taken aback.

‘Cancer’, I whispered in his ear.


To ensure that she did not hear.

Your mini me we had not yet told.

I could see him tear up.

A good hearted man.

Anything, but cold.

He led the vows.

You jumping around from the pain.

I lost my composure.

Tears flowing down so hard.

My heart broken.

My soul scarred.

For eight years.

We were apart.

Only to be reunited.


Threatened to once again take my heart.

‘I now pronounce you man and wife,’ he said.

We left the building.

Straight to the ER.

‘We just got married,’ I told the nurses.

As I somehow cracked a smile.

‘She’s my wife.’

They brought us wedding cake and soda.

Tragically beautiful.

But all worth it.

Because I got to say those three words.

About You.

The love of my life.

© Copyright 2017 John Polo

8 thoughts on “She’s My Wife

  1. Yes it is all worth it. Just re-watched our wedding dance yesterday. I got that dance. 2 years 4 months. 11 days gone. Third July without my anchor. It has been the hardest July. I know I would do it all over again. Good Vibes today to you John. <3

  2. Beautifully written as always by you! I remember that day and even though it was not the way it should have happened, I still know for me it made me so happy to see you two finally become one by law. You were always that by heart and soul but making it official only made it more solid for both of you and that is exactly what you needed at the time to walk the path that was so sadly ahead of you. The gift in all of this, is the story you have to share, your grief and compassion for it and the impact that makes on others. Thanks for sharing and don’t let anyone stop you ever from doing so. You and Michelle were meant to impact the world in different ways but so much in the same way. both real life Super Heroes in your own right.

  3. Our wedding announcement and his death notice came out in the same newspaper. We were married 8 days.The last 4 spent in the hospital. Lived together 3+ years. His choice to go up to Reno and get married and we had a Beautiful day. We even stole a wheel chair for him to use at the casino. Stopping at all our favorite camping sights on the way home as if he were saying good by. Again what he wanted to do and of course I was fine with this. He has been gone almost 47 years now. Sept 18th. He was 25 I was 21. Never forgotten Always loved. Even though I married well to another wonderful man years later for 31 years. Now he is also gone to cancer as Robert. Cancer sucks. No matter how young or old you are.

    Big hugs for you.

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