Dear Jessica (You Are Not Alone)

Up until this very moment, I had only admitted this to a few close friends, but the truth is the last month or so I have been occasionally frustrated with my blog page. I pour so much of my heart and soul into it, exposing my deepest thoughts, fears and emotions. I get frustrated because […]

Awesome Albert

There are a lot of daily posts on the various Facebook widow/widower support groups that I am apart of. Last night, as I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, a certain post caught my attention.  The post is inspiring, as is the man who wrote the words. Here is what Albert had to say: I […]

Sam and Cecilia

Cecilia is a new friend that I met on a widow/widower support group on Facebook.  Her husband Sam passed away around the same time as Michelle. Sam passed of a heart condition. Much like Michelle and I they were married a very short time in calendar years, but in meaning and purpose they shared a […]

Aaron’s Michelle

About a week ago I received a message from Aaron. Aaron also lost his wife to cancer and her name was Michelle was well. Turns out, Michelle liked to call him a dork, just like my Michelle and I called each other dorks. Their song was Unchained Melody, just as our song was. Aaron shared […]

What a Kid!

Allison, a fellow member of a widow-widower support group that I am apart of on Facebook posted the following text message that her 10 year old son sent her.  The 1 year anniversary of Allison’s husband’s passing is approaching and her son knew that she needed a pick me up. This kid is special. I […]

12 Days Without Him

Last night I read a post from Donna, a fellow member of a widow/widower Facebook Group that I am a part of. She shared a simple story of something that her husband did for her, right before he passed away. This story really touched my heart. Pictured is the note, and here is her post: Over the […]