Specific to Our Story

On this day. Four years ago. We became man and wife. I’ve cried hard many a days. This. One of the most tearful of my life. You were so sick. The pain extreme. You couldn’t stop throwing up. A true nightmare. No fairytale. Or dream. You were in the same clothes. From three days before. […]

Before I found my better, I was very, very bitter. It’s not about never being bitter. It’s about trying to navigate through your bitter, to eventually find your better. It is not an easy process, but it is possible in time. Below is a Facebook post I made, before I found my better. The last time Michelle […]

Here is a post from the Better Not Bitter Widower Facebook page.  Some of the comments are incredibly inspiring. Finish this sentence based on your own personal experience with someone you’ve loved and lost. Love is….. I’ll start. Love is not wanting to leave the hospice room after your wife passed away but having no […]

March 19th, 2014. Michelle had just finished her fifth and final round of chemotherapy a few days prior. A scan had been done after her third round of chemotherapy about six weeks prior and the spots that were seen on the October PET scan appeared larger. Our doctor told us that if the chemotherapy was going to work […]