I Wish I Had You Way Back Then (to the grieiving community)

I wish I had you way back then. When she was sick. And I was watching her die. I wish I knew you existed. When I angrily cursed to a Higher Power.  And asked, “Why?” I wish I had you way back then. When I needed more than just a friend. I could have used […]

When You Washed Her Back

The nurses and hospice staff kept asking me if I wanted them to give Michelle a bath. I said no the first few times, I didn’t want to disturb her. I was scared. Every time she would get up she would suffer from God awful hallucinations.   She was finally resting comfortably and I didn’t […]

Hospice: The Gift We Never Wanted to Receive

Hospice:  The gift we never wanted to receive. She’s going to die.  In a couple of weeks. Do me a favor doc. Take a knife. A really, really sharp one.  Stab me in the chest.  Then, slice it open.  Rip my heart out of my chest and pounce on it. Because that is, in essence, […]

Michele. With One L.

There are so many instances that I can speak of in which people where there for Michelle, my step daughter and I during her cancer battle. And after it.  The support we received was truly remarkable.  From time to time I will highlight somebody who was there for us, what they did and what it meant to […]

A Card and a Song on a Really Bad Day

February 13th was probably the worst day I have had so far since Michelle passed away. There really wasn’t a particular reason why, my heart just hurt on that day more than I could bare. I missed her and my step daughter with all of my heart, all of my soul. I had made dinner plans with […]