Don’t Forget Our Children

Don’t forget our children.  As the days pass by.  Don’t forget our children. Those that had a daddy, or a mommy, die. Don’t forget our children. As you go on with your day to day routine. Don’t forget our children. Truly profound loss, they have seen. Don’t forget our children. They deserve better than to […]

Dear Jessica (You Are Not Alone)

Up until this very moment, I had only admitted this to a few close friends, but the truth is the last month or so I have been occasionally frustrated with my blog page. I pour so much of my heart and soul into it, exposing my deepest thoughts, fears and emotions. I get frustrated because […]

Sit Down. And Shut Up.

I started this blog and the Better Not Bitter Widower Facebook Page almost one year ago. I think that anybody who has followed me from the start or takes the time to read my posts from the last year will agree that my blog and FB page are an expression of true love, raw grief and […]