Grief is crying on the floor. So very loudly. Yet nobody is there to hear, or see, your horror. Grief is the future missed. You would give anything for just one more hug. Or just one more kiss. Grief is death. For them. But it feels like for you too. The world moves on it […]

On this day. Four years ago. We became man and wife. I’ve cried hard many a days. This. One of the most tearful of my life. You were so sick. The pain extreme. You couldn’t stop throwing up. A true nightmare. No fairytale. Or dream. You were in the same clothes. From three days before. […]

**If this blog entry offends anyone, I apologize. My purpose is not to offend anyone. As you will see while reading this, I too was guilty of it. That being said, in the last few weeks I have seen some awful things said to other people. And to me. Today, was the absolute kicker.**   […]

Where is my normal life? The one we were set to have. Health. Peace. The extremely beautiful wife. It was taken away. Cancer did us in. 1 in 7 billion the doctor said. John and Michelle, for the ‘We’ve never seen this before’, type of win. That’s what people don’t quite get. It’s not just […]