On this day. Four years ago. We became man and wife. I’ve cried hard many a days. This. One of the most tearful of my life. You were so sick. The pain extreme. You couldn’t stop throwing up. A true nightmare. No fairytale. Or dream. You were in the same clothes. From three days before. […]

**If this blog entry offends anyone, I apologize. My purpose is not to offend anyone. As you will see while reading this, I too was guilty of it. That being said, in the last few weeks I have seen some awful things said to other people. And to me. Today, was the absolute kicker.**   […]

Where is my normal life? The one we were set to have. Health. Peace. The extremely beautiful wife. It was taken away. Cancer did us in. 1 in 7 billion the doctor said. John and Michelle, for the ‘We’ve never seen this before’, type of win. That’s what people don’t quite get. It’s not just […]